New year, new adventures

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2017 was an interesting year, to say the least. After walking away from one job and taking to the open road hitchhiking, I was finally able to get to some places I’d never had a chance to stop at in the past, and discovered some new places I want to visit, again. This year might be a little different. I’m still in the process of making some changes, and things should be stable in the next month or so. Some of the new places I’m hoping to get to this year are in northern Arizona and southern Utah. I’m also planning to go back to Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as well as Vandenberg AFB and Ft. Irwin in southern California. The last two locations will take careful planning, due to the fact a background check must be done before I will be able to visit either site. I’m also planning to go through some of my older photos soon, and take a second look at some of the shots that were never processed or posted anywhere online. So, with that in mind, please bear with me while the transition is being made.

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