Songs for the maiden voyage to Mars

I’ve been watching twitter feeds from NASA KSC, as well as some die-hard space launch people…….someone even asked for ideas for a launch playlist. Well…I’ve been thinking about that for a few days….going thru my music archives….and I found some music that a lot of people haven’t heard, that I feel would be appropriate for the upcoming Orion mission…including the flight to Mars. I’m not promoting, or being compensated for promoting the songs/artists…..I’m only going to list the songs I would want to hear at a major launch.  They’re not in any particular order, but it should give yo an idea what is out there…..especially if you’ve never heard it.

First: Ian Tescee – A Traveler’s Guide To Mars…, one that should be in any spaceflight enthusiasts music library. This guy is based in Colorado, and has a penchant for creating music that’s more-than-suitable for any earth-bound projects…..especially for artists, astronomers, and those that like music they have never heard. Hey….@KSC….take note….he’d love to hear from you.


Vangelis – Rosetta: Music recorded for an ESA video, plus all new music. Yes, the same Vangelis that recorded the score for Chariots Of Fire and Bladerunner. Nobody in their right mind would argue with his credentials. Think I’m bluffing about the quality of the music? Yes…I can be an ass, at times…..but I know what I’m talking about.


Tangerine Dream: There’s a name that conjures-up mysticism, mystery, and the wonders of space and time itself. Their album Exit dominated planetariums, shortly after initial release….and for good reason. The opening track, Pilots Of Purple Twilight…..sets the tone for any journey to the stars.


Wavestar – Moonwind. Want to talk about music that was influenced by space? this is it. This is a legendary album, still readily available from a few select online retailers. I first had a copy of it on cassette, when it was released on the Audion label, owned by Larry “Synergy” Fast, out of the Orange, New Jersey area.  I was more than intrigued with this album. It should be a staple in any e-music/space music collection.


OK….now I’m going to get down to individual songs for a few. Don’t worry….music by Michael Stearns and Jonn Serrie won’t be left out.

Rush – Countdown: One of the best space shuttle-era songs ever recorded….1983 from the Signals album. Crank this bad-ass song UP!  And if you’re brave enough, you’ll toss in 2112 – Temples Of Syrinx for good measure.


Now to the meat of the music: Stearns, Serrie, and the hearts of space.  Here comes info on the epitome of space music, and the legendary album is here:

Michael Stearns – Planetary Unfolding. This is the quintessential space music album of all time. Thisis the Alpha and the Omega of contemporary space music. Originally released in 1987, this album took the electronic music world by storm. And has been recently re-issued on CD, as well as digital download in flac format. If I have to preach to the choir, so be it….those that want to discover the holy grail of space music, stick around.  There is much to learn…..this is only the beginning.   


Part Two coming soon>


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