Back on the road, again!

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Howdy everyone!  After a bit of a break (including no wi-fi) in Springfield, MO, I’m finally back on the road…and have wi-fi access, again. I’m heading back to the desert southwest, and scouting for some good locations to go shoot at in New Mexico. Eventually I’m going to head over to Santa Fe, which seems to be a really good area from what I have seen. If anyone out there has any suggestions on good places to take a camera to, hit me up on Twitter: @Protostar66

Hopefully the weather will cooperate on my way out there….not many things suck worse than getting stuck in a downpour or snow storm (other than gravity). Nevertheless, new photos will be coming soon (as soon as I can get out there, and find a local guide to show me around the area). Until then, I’ll be posting semi-random updates on Twitter…so you can stalk…ermmm….follow me on there, if you already aren’t…so, happy trails!




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