Road Trip season: Get Lost!

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You read that right….get lost! 

There aren’t very many things more annoying on a road trip than sticking to a schedule or itinerary. Let’s face it: they both suck. Sure, putting together a rough sketch of the trip is a good start, but getting lost is half the fun. Making a right turn at Albuquerque instead of a left, isn’t such a bad idea….especially if a dirt road is involved (note: make sure there aren’t any “No Trespassing” or “Private Property” signs are anywhere in the area…that would suck).

Part of the fun getting lost is not knowing what you will find (hopefully nothing ugly or nasty). Abandoned buildings, lost relics, crashed UFOs….I think you get the idea. I always have two cameras with me, just in case something does get my attention. I’ll go into the camera thing in a future post.   There was a time not long ago, I could hardly get away and do something different, and head off to someplace I’ve never been…that is about to change. Anyway, going off the beaten path seems to be one thing that pays off in life. You never know what’s just around the bend.

Until next post, go out and break the rules!


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