Road Trip season: Get Lost!

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You read that right….get lost!  There aren’t very many things more annoying on a road trip than sticking to a schedule or itinerary. Let’s face it: they both suck. Sure, putting together a rough sketch of the trip is a good start, but getting lost is half the fun. Making a right turn at Albuquerque …

Road Trip season: The basics

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As promised, here we go with the Road Trip season basics. Some of you may already have these items, others may not…and yet there are probably others that had more than a few brainfarts. Some of these are android and/or iPhone apps. These actually come in real handy. Weather app(s):  One of my favorites is …

Road trip season (the pre-trip rant)

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Howdy, everyone!    As some of you may have noticed, my blog posts seem to be a bit sporadic. Well…it happens, when I’m on the road a lot.  However, things will be changing soon, and posts may be a bit more on a regular basis. On that note, it’s nearly road trip season!   Yes, the open …

Online store is now open

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After many delays (mostly due to my otr job), my online store is now open at I’m still in the process of uploading photos for sale, but it’s coming together.  Framed prints, canvas, and other options are available. Many other items, such as towels, coffee mugs and posters are also included. This is a …